‘This poverty is the lack of awareness of the wealth that every human being already possess. It is the poverty of alienation from who we really are that results in our hectically seeking an identity through ‘success’ or achievement and through the shallow culture of consumerism, with its emphasis on money, material possessions and the status they bring with them. It is the poverty that comes from emptying our lives of meaning.’

I thought this quote was the most powerful from the article. I find it sad that our lives now our so defined by what we possess and how it is this that gives us status and security in society. 

‘We see before us the paradox of the wealth of the poor, the power of the powerless, and the wisdom of the uneducated’. This is a beautiful outlook; most people nowadays take pity on those who have less than us, and for good reason, but it was very enlightening to read how those who don’t have much material wealth, almost make up for it with their sense of self-worth and the powerful cultural connections (or social glue) they feel in their society. In our society we are not so defined by our cultural feelings, it is more about ‘making something of oneself’ and this leads to a very competitive culture i believe. ‘The wisdom of the uneducated’ is a remarkable idea; one that conveys humility and companionship. Qualities our society lacks.


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