Meyer and Moors’ Introduction in Religion Media and the Public Sphere

 This introduction brings attention to the various ways in which religion, society, politics and the media are interconnected. It is quick to inform the reader of the large variety of technology that has been used in recent years, yet does not highlight this as a major change, but as a development over time. I found the section ‘Mediated Religion and Its New Publics’ of particular interest as it broke this idea of development down and how religion grows in accordance to the society. Meyer and Moors quote that ‘for religious traditions to continue through history they must be translated, or better, transmediated, put in a new form’. From this I could see that actually the use of the web, radio-broadcasts and cassettes are just like a new means of communication or social interaction in present society. Furthermore Meyer and Moors discuss how media is used in order to ‘reach out to the world’. This technique is used commonly across all areas of life, to voice opinions politically, promote products and provide information, thus it is clear why media has also become associated with religion. However, a debate that has continuously sparked across society is should religion be promoted? Or should it be a personal understanding that one finds themself?

The introduction forwards interesting questions in how responses to religion may change because of changes in mediation and how existing practices may be transformed, which I believe will only be developed on in the following chapters. It also raised how ‘the secular stance engenders a political position that demands as much of scholars’ attention as the religious position critiqued by secularists’ , which I think is a point too often ignored. 


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