If the Dogon

If the Dogon

The most striking part of the article lies in the Dogon’s belief on higher powers and the notion of truth. The Dogon have two parts to their universe; the Nommo, which seems to be the good and gives order and reason to society, and the Pale Fox who seems to be omniscient (he can supposedly tell the future after his incest with his mother), omnipotent (he can take life away at any moment with the use of secret poisons) and shady creature (characteristics of the Abrahamic Gods perhaps?). What struck me here is the similarity to Christianity; Douglas says how the Pale Fox fell from grace by an initial act of disobedience, analogous in some respects to Lucifer, the fallen angel who fell from grace to become an evil presence in the world, also representing ‘enigma and disorder’. Furthermore, this link increases in stature when we hear how the Pale Fox seems to be associated with truth; in the Garden of Eden the serpent tempts Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge, with the serpent’s persuasion techniques including how wonderful it is to have knowledge of truth and being.

Furthermore, Douglas says that ‘revelation comes with dreams in the night’, in Islam, the Angel Jibril appears to Mohammed in Mount Nur during a dream and tells him to go and proclaim the word of God to the world. With very little research I discovered that in fact a small minority of the Dogon follow Chrisitianity and also Islam. An interesting link, could word slowly have spread over and helped the Dogon form their own religious ideas. 


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